The Last Stormlord by Glenda Larke : Review

Water is life.

In the desert lands of the Quatern, water is both life and currency. The Stormlords — men and women with the power to manipulate water — provide rain to all, but as the population of Stormlords dwindle, the one last stormlord must protect and serve the cities of the Quatern. With his health beginning to fail, and his life slipping away, Starvation, death, and chaos are imminent, and the cities will become to wither and die, with no one to take his place.

Shale, an outcast from his poor desert village holds a secret which could save the entire Quatern; a power that would shape the future for himself, and for all the great cities. That is, if it doesn’t kill him first.

Terelle, a girl on the brink of womanhood, being forced into a life of slavery at one of the city’s brothels must find a way to escape the life of a courtesan before it’s too late — though, when she meets a mysterious painter, she must decide whether the price of escaping was too high to pay; and fight against a force stronger than fate.

Together, Shale and Terelle must find a way to save the people of the Quatern — but time is running out, and they must first save themselves.

The Last Stormlord by Glenda Larke is a great book; with an enthralling story line that drags you in and leaves you thirsting for more. Following the tale of Shale, Terelle and the desert Quartern as they struggle on the brink of destruction. The pacing, flow and dialogue could have been a bit better, and at times the story seems too wordy. The Last Stormlord could have easily been 50-100 pages shorter. However, with an action-packed plot it rarely gets boring or extraneous.

With a touch of the dialogue seeming cliche,a few of the major revelations don’t have quite the impact they should, however there was some fantastic world-building, highlighted with magic which helped to enrich the plot.

This is a book which held a lot of potential, however it should be seen mainly as a lead-up to the sequel, Stormlord Rising, as most of The Last Stormlord concentrated on the world-building aspects and with no real conclusion; it in itself was mainly a cliffhanger. It was an enjoyable read, I wouldn’t say it was great — but in no way was this a bad book.

I do recommend picking up Stormlord Rising, and Stormlord Exile, the cliffhangers and world building do create fantastic stories in the sequels, once you get past them in this novel. This is a great series, and it does pull through in the other books of the trilogy.

Overall rating would be 3/5

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