Updates, random thoughts, and something special

  • What to expect in the near future.
  • Examining the fun/odd search terms people find this site from.
  • Thank you

Examining the Future

This year has been an eventful one, I’ve attended many conventions, I’ve met some great people and have had the opportunity to meet and interview some wonderful authors, and of course — read some great books. We’ve grown a fair bit as a website, with a lot more reviews, readers, articles/thoughts, and interviews. And I hope that in the coming year, and for years to come we’re able to do all this and so much more.

Some things have changed for me as well in the past couple of months. Which, some of you that follow me on Facebook will already know about, but my reviews on here may slow down a bit. I’ve been approached by few other outlets (which I will not saying the names of quite yet) that are interested in having me review for them. One of which requests/requires that those reviews be exclusive to them.

Depending on how much I do with them, that could have a bit of an impact on the quantity of my reviews here as I have to sort out my schedule to find the time to read more, and write the reviews, I don’t see this having any long-term changes, just while I’m readjusting I won’t be able to be as active on here. However, with these new opportunities, I see this as a way to improve myself, my writing and the overall quality of my reviews, all of which would have an effect on here as well.

Also.. In the next week or so there’ll be book reviews up for The Cupid WarLuna for the Lunies! (both *very* different from what I typically read), an interview, and something… Different. Of course, there may be other posts from my co-blogger as well.

Search Terms

Ever since I started this site, back in August 2011, I’ve been interested in seeing how people are finding out about my website. I suppose it could be called a bit egotistical — frequently checking to see how many views/where they’re from/if they were referred from other sites (or my favourite — their search engine terms). It’s interesting, and at times a bit unexpected.

There are the obvious referrers/search terms, such as from places where I post links to content, or search terms for book reviews that I’ve done. And then you get the unusual ones. For a while now, I’ve been tempted to do a monthly digest of the odd search terms people have found me from, (if there’s any interest in this, I can do so). Until then though, here are some of the oddest/my favourites.

1) There are a sad number of people who find my website when they were in fact looking for things about arched doorways. I always feel kind of bad when those search terms come up. Those are to be expected though, but occasionally there are some really odd ones. “Paranormal arch doorways”… I know there’s a few authors that read occasionally read my updates, anyone want to take that? ATTACK OF THE ARCH DOORWAYS. An alternative is apparently “Suicide arch doorways”… Friends, to be sure to take care around your neighbourly arched doorways, they’re sensitive creatures. Be sure to compliment them once in a while. May we please have a moment of silence for the arched doorways which have taken their lives?

2) “Bible lovrz”… What? Please do show me a reference to the bible on my website — other than in this post, or any sort of reference to the mash-up of letters, “lovrz”. (Though, oddly enough this point will be null in a few days… at least in reference to the bible.)

3) “Petrol remote control cars”… Not just once, or twice… Three times! I honestly do not get it.

4) Searches for negative reviews. Makes sense, to try to get the good and bad side of different books, though. One of the search terms “Negative hate review of Eye of the world” not sure if anyone has seen my review of that, or if they’ve ever heard me talk about the Wheel of Time (Which — heads up, you’ll be getting a LONG post about in January, potentially). But that’s my favourite series. The Eye of the World being one of my favourite books… Sorry friend, no negative hate reviews of that here.

5) Torrents. Downloads. Ahh… Yes, the unending search for eBook torrents. Here’s a tip of friendly advice, to all you torrent searchers, and seekers of free books. I don’t blame you, I love free books — Heck, I even get my fair share of them. There’s a proper way to do it though. If you’re going to spend hours reading and enjoying that novel, the least you can do is give back to that author… Hundreds, if not thousands of hours go into the production of a book, from the first draft, to the editorial parts, to production, to marketing, to… everything. Write reviews, give feedback, and spread the word about the book. That’s what I do, and do you know what it’s gotten me? Well, look through my site… Feel free to chat with me. I’ve met a lot of great authors, and have had the chance to interview them; I’ve made a lot of friendships and have discovered a lot of amazing books. I get ARC copies as well. “Free books” are out there, but if you’re going to invest the time in trying to find them, and then to read them… Does it hurt to spend a half-hour of your time giving feedback and writing a review, helping that author who has just given you entertainment? I could go on about it, but I suggest reading an article I’ve wrote about The Cost of Books, or check to see any of the other non-reviews I’ve done… Or search elsewhere on the internet. Give back to the people who have spent hours upon hours writing these books, creating these worlds, characters and experiences for our enjoyment.

Thank You

This is probably the most important part of this post (to me at least), rather than my other ramblings and just silliness. I really want to say thank you to everyone who has read my reviews, sharing links, and even commenting occasionally. It really makes a difference, and without you guys I probably wouldn’t have done this at all in the past few months. In the last couple months, I’ve especially just been astonished by how much things have changed since this time last year.

My view-count has always been quite low; there were a couple of months this year where it was under 100. However, between August and now? Well, to give you an idea of how much it has changed, between
August 2011, and July 2012, this site got about 1350 views… Between August and December 5th, we’ve seen over 1500 views. Almost half of those were just in November alone.

I’m fully aware that it’s due to the author interviews I was lucky enough to conduct last month (and one last weekend — which will be posted shortly), and not for any content I wrote, or even my reviews, but honestly, I love that people are looking for these interviews, and that I was able to offer them an outlet to hear more from the authors that they love… And that Heifer International/Worldbuilders charity have gotten a couple dozen views from people finding them through my interview with Patrick Rothfuss (totally not dropping names…) Or people who check my website regularly discovering authors that they never heard of before and going out to find their books. It kind of just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling know that I was able to — in some way — help out a bit and that you came here instead of going elsewhere. So, thank you… and I hope I’m able to continue providing content that you will want to read.

On that note, I do want to add that the “Request a Review” page isn’t just for authors. It’s for anyone. While I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to fulfil your request, I will do my best. You are the readers. You are the ones who can make all the difference in the world.

So — continuing the thank you, and as it is the season of giving (and possibly as a “Congratulations for making it through that lengthy and extraneous posting”) I have a giveaway for you! This will be the first of about four that we’ll be hosting this month.

(Unfortunately, because we are hosted on WordPress.com, javascript doesn’t work on here. Please head over to our Facebook page here to enter in the give-away.)

Thank you. :)
-Rebecca Lovatt

4 responses to “Updates, random thoughts, and something special

  • Angel Brookins

    Becca, you are an amazing writer, and this site is a fantastic idea!

  • Jeff Mariotte

    Thank YOU, Rebecca, for your insightful and entertaining reviews, interviews, and random silliness. And double thanks for point #5, about people looking for free books. Making a living as an author is not an easy thing to do, and it’s made much harder by the easy availability of stolen ebooks. I appreciate everybody who’s willing to lay down some hard-earned cash for one of my books, and everybody who’s willing to write thoughtful reviews that might steer new readers toward me.

    • RLovatt

      You’re very welcome Jeff, and thank you for reading (and writing!)

      Point #5 is something I think about every time that shows up on the search engine terms.. It’s something I’ve become more and more aware of over the past year or so that I’ve had this site/have been attending conventions and talking to authors on a regular basis. I think Witch Season: Winter & Spring was the first book I received for free, and since then I’ve wanted to do something in return as a thank you; the same goes for any of the books I receive nowadays, even if a review wasn’t requested. That’s the main reason I have this site really, as a way of (hopefully) giving back and introducing people to new readers/books they may not have heard of otherwise.

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