The Cupid War by Timothy Carter: Review Fallon had decided not to kill himself after all–moments before accidentally slipping off a bridge and plunging to his death. Now he’s a Cupid in the afterlife, helping high school students fall in love. The job would be cool if it weren’t for the dorky pink bodysuits, his jerky boss, and attacks from joy-sucking shadowy entities called Suicides.

When Fallon discovers a dangerous new Suicide in human form, a terrific battle erupts. Before the Suicide can become too powerful, Fallon has to convince his fellow Cupids of the extraordinary threat, protect the girl he’s falling for . . . and foil the Suicides’ evil scheme to spread despair to all humanity. – Source

The Cupid War by Timothy Carter is an interesting read. Carter, who is known for writing far-fetched fiction lives up to that expectation in The Cupid War. Following the tale of Fallon, a new Cupid who must work to earn Love and try to save students from sharing his fate. What he finds is unexpected, impossible, and some of it? Quite nice.

First, I need to start off by saying I don’t read YA novels, at least not on anything approaching a regular basis. Neither do I read romance or anything that could almost be classified as a romance novel, (trust me.. I’ve turned down a ridiculous amount of books that whilst they sounded interesting, romance is just not something I read). So, it is a bit peculiar that I accepted a book that is not only a young adult fiction, but well.. It has cupids, and the picture on the cover is a heart and thus (to me at least) obviously romance. Nevertheless, I don’t regret choosing to read The Cupid War, even if it really isn’t my type.

Carter’s characters are fun and dynamic, and develop realistically throughout the story, and reacted in a believable way when thrown into peculiar and challenging circumstances. Character relations were also well done, especially with Trina and Fallon who were enjoyable to read, and watch as their friendship blossomed.  Though, some parts were written a bit better than others, as parts of The Cupid War did feel rushed at times, especially during the action scenes… However, it was a fun read and has some really great (quirky and strange) ideas like Love being a food, or the great battle for souls between Suicides and Cupids.

The Cupid War is a fun and amusing read, easy to get through and a definite change compared to what I usually read. Starting off as a strange and humorous read, it progresses and becomes a much more engaging and deeper book, with a bit more of a mature feel to it. Fans of Carter as well as new readers won’t disappointed by this latest novel.

Also, check back in the next few days for my interview with the author, Timothy Carter!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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