A Belated Introductory Post

Hello there.

It seems some people weren’t aware there were two of us here. After my review of Princess Academy, for example, RLovatt’s friends teased her for reading a princess book. It’s a bit understandable, as I really haven’t posted much on here, but with RLovatt starting to do reviews part-time for other places, that’s going to change.

So hi. I’m ARamone. I started this up with RLovatt a year ago when she decided she wanted to write a blog dedicated to reviewing books. My reviews are pretty different than RLovatt’s. They tend to be longer, and I include a rating out of 5 at the end. My rating scale is as follows:

1/5 = Horrible. Awful. A disgrace to literature. I haven’t had to rate anything this low, luckily.

1.5/5 = Pretty bad. Not disgraceful, but not anything I’d recommend.

2/5 = Not something I really enjoyed reading all that much, for whatever reason. I may or may not have been able to finish it. A 2.5 would mean I enjoyed some bits, or that it had an interesting idea, but I wasn’t very fond of it.

3/5 = Pretty okay overall. Typically there’ll be one major problem that made me remember it badly. A 3.5 would mean that the one major problem didn’t completely ruin it for me, but it still could have been better. For fans of the genre, I’d recommend it.

4/5 = Most books fall here. They were actually pretty good, and I’d definitely recommend it. A 4.5 was really good and quite enjoyable.

5/5 = Awesome. Amazing. I’d recommend it to anyone, and it was one of my favourites. Definitely check it out.

So yes, that’s me. My contact information is up, so drop me a line with a request (I have a hard time saying no to things). The only things I really won’t do are dystopian futures, but I’ll do just about anything else.

Thanks for reading!


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