Neverland’s Library

Hey guys,
I wanted to do a bit of a post explaining this website’s inactivity. Some of you may have noticed that there haven’t been a lot of reviews lately, and there are a variety of reasons behind this (though, I promise there will be a few up in the next couple of weeks!).

One thing that has taken up a fair chunk of my time is an anthology called Neverland’s Library. Which (most of you from Facebook will know all this already) is an anthology that I’m co-editing, and am currently trying to get funded through an Indiegogo campaign. This is a joint project between myself, and Roger from A Daily Dose of R&R.

Neverland’s Library is a fantasy anthology, focussing on a theme of “Rediscovery” and we have some fantastic authors involved:

  • Introduction by Tad Williams
  • Miles Cameron
  • Mark Lawrence
  • William Meikle
  • R.S. Belcher
  • Jeffrey J. Mariotte
  • Marcy Rockwell
  • Peter Rawlik
  • Marie Brennan
  • Jeff Salyards
  • Kenny Soward
  • Ian Creasey
  • Stephen McQuiggan

And we’re still open and looking for submissions; stories between 2,000 and 8,000 words — full guidelines can be found here.

Our goal for this anthology is to help raise money for a non-profit organization called “First Book” which provides literature and educational resources for children and young adults in impoverished areas, helping to decrease illiteracy rates and promote learning. It’s something Roger, and I have become really passionate about supporting over the past while, and we want to do what we can to help.

So, I’d really like to encourage you guys to take a look at our Indiegogo, and if you can chip in a dollar or two, that’d be beyond fantastic… Or even if you could help share the word and spread the link, we really would appreciate it. For all the information, the campaign page can be found here.

Thank you guys for your patience… I’ve gotten a few messages asking about whether I’m still reviewing, and I promise you, I am. I’ve just (unfortunately) had to put this website on the back-burner for a little while to work on the anthology and other things. Reviews will be posted regularly again, starting this week.


Concept cover art by Gabriel Verdon

Concept cover art by Gabriel Verdon


Also — we have a new reviewer on board: Nick Sharps. I encourage you to heckle him once he starts posting reviews!


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