Guest Post: Interview with a Vampire: About Vampires


An Interview with a Vampire about Vampires

A guest post by Lee and Gary Jordan, the author team Phoenix

On an early evening in October, we caught up with Victor Bainbridge, a vampire who

is very British but lives in a splendid home in Spain. It was obvious from his palatial home that

being a vampire was not hurting his earning capabilities.

As the authors of Leon’s Lair, in which he is a major character, we were shown into his

study by his majordomo. The study walls were lined from floor to ceiling with books, many

leather bound and obviously quite old. Victor sat in a leather high-backed chair with a small

crystal glass on a side table, a volumous report in his lap and his right leg crossed at the knee.

Dressed in soft chinos, Italian shoes (no sox) and a black cashmere pullover, he looked self-
assured and comfortable with our visit.

He rose to greet us with a smile and offered us a chair opposite him. After a few

pleasantries and an offer of a drink. we began. We were both little nervous about accepting a

drink as we surmised what he was drinking was a dark red, viscous drink that clung to the sides

of the crystal and wasn’t the kind of refreshment we wanted.

GARY: Well, Victor, I must say you have a beautiful home. It seems being a vampire

has been a rewarding way of life. Can you tell our readers a little about how you became a

vampire and where it all started?

VICTOR: Well, Gary, there are a lot of misconceptions about vampires, many old tales

that have survived down through the ages.

Vampires have been around since the dawn of time. We are a different but similar race

to Homo sapiens. Unfortunately, over the centuries there have been efforts by Homo sapiens to

eradicate us. I think you would call it genocide or ethnic cleansing. As a result, there are fewer of

us than you.

Vampirism was first recorded in Persia. According to an ancient Hebrew text Adam’s

first wife, Lilith was a vampire. She left Adam due to his lack of sexual prowess and became

queen of the underworld. She established the race.

There are recorded archives of vampires from China in the 6th century B.C., and more

legends throughout the world, including India, Malaysia, Polynesia, and the lands of the Aztecs

and Eskimos. However, it is in Europe where our main population flourished for many centuries.

The main beginnings occurred in ancient Greece and spread up through areas known today as the

Balkans, then west and into England.

I originated the old fashioned way, coitus, pregnancy, and birth.

LEE: That’s pretty astounding. The common story goes; you have to be normal and then

bitten by a vampire, and some say you must drink a vampire’s blood. Is this just legend?

VICTOR: Absolutely not. That is the way to become newly “born,” but I am a vampire

because my mother was a vampire. She was a really sexy women and was until she died –

always looked young. Vampires can be created from Homo sapiens as you described, though

normally it is not forced but assented. It is a secondary way to keep the race alive.

LEE: She died? I thought vampires live forever.

VICTOR: Absolutely not. Mother was almost 300 years old, but she finally went to a

vampire rest home and passed on. That is just another of the myths that scare Homo sapiens into

atrocities against vampires.

GARY: Okay, but you have to admit that vampires draining people of their blood is

pretty brutal.

VICTOR: That has happened, I admit, but it is no worse than Homo sapiens decapitating

a vampire, pounding stakes through the heart or burning us to death without a trial, just on the

ranting of some fear-deranged human. How would you react to a mob pounding down your door

with hate and fear?

Victor’s eyes had become red and his cool self-confidence melted as he gripped the

arms of his chair and leaned forward in a menacing pose. We felt more than concerned at his

apparent anger.

No, I think you need to reassess your race’s actions before you accuse us of brutality.

Victor seemed to regain his calm and sat back in his chair and his eyes suddenly returned

to the deep brown they had been.

Since, the year 400 A.D, we organized with other magical and supernatural races. The

International Association of Paranormal Beings made strict rules and one was never harm a

human in anyway. We drink the blood of animals.

Granted there have been vampires with a blood-lust for humans such as Count Dracula,

whose real name was Valad Tepes Dracula, Prince of Wallachia. His slaughter of many probably

incited much of the inaccurate views people have of vampires. Of course Bram Stoker’s fictional

tale of Dracula stereotyped vampires to this day. Dracula was a tyrant, but he also liberated his

country from the Ottoman invaders. You know, he was a national hero.

GARY: I see. that is very interesting. Tell me Victor, why should humans change their

view of vampires?

VICTOR: Without going into detail, vampires have actually saved the human race

from near extinction. The Dark Ages had set man upon a course of clear apocalyptic self –

extinguishment. International Association of Paranormal Beings literally sowed the seeds that

raised human’s interest in survival and interest in science and the arts to a level high enough to

pull them out of the apathy and degradation which had caused death and destruction throughout

the hitherto civilized world. Those acts alone saved millions upon millions of lives.

LEE: That’s quite a pronouncement Victor. Would you care to elaborate?

VICTOR: Well, your readers can read more about us in your book Leon’s Lair. Victor

elegantly rose from his chair as he finished his glass of red liquid. I have matters to attend

to now, and I hope I have given you enough to create an article that your readers will find

interesting and informative.

Victor’s majordomo appeared in the room as if by magic and held the door open for us to


GARY: Thank you, Victor, for your time and very enlightening information.


Leon's Lair

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Hello. We are Lee and Gary Jordan and we are THE PHOENIX, a multi-genre author

team. As passionate readers, loving many different genres, we don’t intend to go with custom and

stick to one. We have several novels in the works.

We enjoy getting to know readers and other authors via the Internet, love movies, and

sitting outside to soak up the Southern California sun. We live in Hollywood with our crabby

tomcat, Snickers.

Lee wrote A Whisper from Eden, A Historical Fantasy. She loves research, but is not

always content with the way things are explained. She likes to turn it all inside out and wonder

what if? Gary is a third generation Californian, born and raised in Anaheim. He has always

had an insatiable curiosity about everything. As a writing team, they wrote Leon’s Lair, an

International Thriller/Contemporary Paranormal Fantasy.

LEON’S LAIR is available in Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon



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