The Arched Doorway is primarily a book review blog, with extras interspersed at random. We hope to offer insightful details (with hopefully little, to no spoilers. All spoilers will be clearly marked!) on a variety of books.

About the authors.

ARamone is someone who thinks a bit too much about the books she reads, to the point where she can probably give you a detailed break down of all the characters in any novel and how their past, personality and experiences lead to the conclusion of the story, and who writes books for fun. She’s a third year in university and as a result has no free time anymore. ARamone owns two ferrets and intends to own more pets, and lives in Pickering, ON.

RLovatt created The Arched Doorway back in 2011 as an outlet for her thoughts on the books she reads. She spends her time as a freelance editor and reviewer. Her first anthology, Neverland’s Library, came out in 2014 from Ragnarok Publications. Rebecca primarily reads historical and epic fantasy novels, such as those by Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Christian Cameron and Terry Brooks. She lives in Toronto, ON with her two snakes and hundreds of books. Feel free to contact her on Facebook, Twitter, or email her at LovattRM[@]gmail[.]com. (Remove the brackets).

Sjardine is a firm believer in the fact that you can never have enough to read, which may be why every surface in his house is covered with books and magazines. He has been known to buy multiple copies of his favorite books to give out to friends and neighbors in an attempt to share his love of reading with them. Shane visits his local book store weekly, even if it’s only to say hello to his favorite employees. He currently lives in Manteca, CA with three roommates and his cat Mittens Romney.

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