Review Policy

Hello readers!

We get several review requests every day, so we figured we would do a post clearly outlining what exactly we’re interested in, and what we won’t review.

SJardine’s review Guidelines

I’m pretty open with what I will read or review, I usually prefer fantasy but I will really consider anything. I’m a huge fan of urban fantasy and young adult fantasy, I probably read more of those two sub genres than anything else at the moment. Like RLovatt however I won’t review non-fiction or erotica, I will however review books in a dystopian setting. That being said I will look at all review requests on a case by case basis, so if what you write is normally outside my review preferences and you still think I might enjoy it, send me an email!

I prefer physical books over ebooks but that is not a deciding factor in whether I decide to review a book or not, and it does not influence my review in the least, it is just a personal preference for ease of reading. I’m always looking for something new to read and can usually have your review posted within two weeks of receiving your book unless I’m asked to post later or possibly earlier.

I can accept reviews through the ‘Request a Review’ page but if you’re looking for a faster response or want me specifically to review your book, feel free to email me at

ARamone’s Review Guidelines

I’m pretty open about what I’ll review. I prefer fantasy, but I’ll give just about anything a try. Out of the two of us, I’m the only one willing to review romance and erotica. I like mystery books as well, and would be perfectly happy to review crime novels. I also like young readers/young adult fiction, and I’ll give those a try too. Unlike RLovatt, I will review non-fiction books, but on a limited basis; I’ll only review a non-fiction book when I know a little of the subject matter already, so that I can properly evaluate it and the facts therein. I will only accept non-fiction books on the subjects of science, psychology, anthropology, and animals. If your book is about history, or fitness, or diets, I won’t take it.

I do not review dystopian settings. I could rant about them for a while, but what it comes down to is that I don’t enjoy them, and any dystopian novel I read will almost certainly get a low review. Most likely the request will get rejected out of hand. Like RLovatt, I’m not overly fond of religious fiction and probably won’t read a book with heavy religious themes.

A note on ebook copies; while I much prefer real books, I will accept ebook copies, as I understand they’re usually the only things self-published authors have available and that shipping for a real book would be expensive. However, I don’t enjoy reading ebooks quite so much, and like RLovatt they take me longer to get through. Your review will therefore take a bit longer to get up than it would if I had a real copy, but rest assured, I will do my best to get it up!

My e-mail is; I will also accept reviews through the ‘Request a Review’ page. If you would like me specifically to review your book, mention it when using the Request a Review section.

RLovatt’s Review Guidelines

In comparison to ARamone, I’m rather picky about what I will accept, or even consider. I will read fantasy, historical fantasy/fiction, and the occasional dystopia.

Genres which will result in an immediate ‘No’:
Religious Fiction
Political Thrillers
Spirituality/Self-help books

Also: In the past I’ve accepted ebooks, and I will continue to do so on a limited basis.

However, I feel the need to note that I find very little pleasure in reading them, and the time it takes me to read and review it averages at about 3-4x longer than it would have been for a paper copy. What this means is that instead of finishing your novel within a week, and having your review posted about 2 weeks after I’ve received it, you’re looking at waiting 1-2 months. (This also means I’ll fall behind on other reviews, which I don’t like doing).

While I respect and understand that a lot of self-published and indie authors may not have physical copies of their novels readily available, I simply can’t afford to spend 2-3 weeks reading one novel, which even if the writing is fantastic, I’ll be negatively biased towards. I will examine every book request on a case-by-case basis, I just wanted to make this known. If you’re able to send a print copy, that would be much appreciated..

(Truth be told, if it’s only available in ebook.. Chances are extremely slim of receiving a response from me).

I don’t mean to sound discouraging or harsh in those last couple paragraphs, it’s just the reality of my situation at the moment. Please do email me your review requests at with the title, synopsis and anything else you feel I might need to know about your book. I can also be reached through the “Contact Us” page.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing about your novel.